Last Tuesday in my rush to get to MOPS I accidentally let our cat “Silas” out. I couldn’t find him right away, so I left for the day. When I returned, still no Silas. The following day – still no sign of him. Our other cat meowed for him out the windows and doors but still he did not return.

For those of you who don’t know we live in a new neighborhood. We love it here, but the coyotes are not as pleased. I often hear them howling at night, and coincidentally there is not a loose pet in the neighborhood. I tell you this only to explain why at this point we had no choice but to believe our precious Silas had gone to meet the maker.

Tonight we were coming home at about 8:30 and low and behold, Silas ran across our driveway! I CANNOT believe he made it almost a week out and about. He is dirty and was very hungry. He clearly had lost weight…but the good thing is he’s young and prior to this little adventure, he had all nine lives to work with.

Thanks to all of you who knew we had been struggling in the pet department and thank you all for your prayers. But most of all, thanks be to God – you’ve given me the perfect birthday present and another reason to be thankful during the holiday season.