As many of you who have been hanging around a while know, my birthdays are usually somewhat craptacular.  I don’t know if it’s the time of year, and people are starting to get stressed about the upcoming holiday season, if it’s the change in seasons or what – but even Daddy will tell you, something crazy usually happens on my birthday.

Well, I don’t want to jinx it, because technically my birthday is tomorrow, but so far this year we are off to a  great start!

Years ago, I lost a link charm bracelet.  I was heartbroken.  I’d had it since before Monkey was born, and each charm meant so much to me.  I kept telling Daddy not to replace it, as I was sure it would eventually turn up in the house or something. 

Yesterday, after a long poopy day with my teething son and my over-tired and sassy four year old, Daddy came in with a little bag containing my early birthday present.  I opened it and found a little charm bracelet and two little charms – a monkey and a pair of baby shoes.  I cried.  It had been such a long day, and I wasn’t really expecting anything for my birthday because money has been a little tight and Christmas is coming.

Daddy had pulled money from his side business and surprised me!  I am not one to be surprised.  Ever.  I am the annoying one who shakes the presents under the Christmas tree and guesses based on size, sound and shape.  I am totally that girl.

He had done a lot of research and looked at jewelry store after jewelry store… all on the sly.  He finally decided James Avery was the perfect one for me.  It is simple, well made and it is a Christian company.  It’s perfect, and I love it!

Thank you Daddy for your planning, your sneakiness and your selection.  It is simply perfect.