Monkey turned 6 on the 13th.  We had planned the family celebration to happen on the 12th because we had Journey Group scheduled for the 13th.  Plus, if we celebrated on the 12th, she could stay up late. 🙂 The 12th came and she was sick.  Actually, she’d flip flop from a fever of 102 to this:

brooklyns-6th-birthday_0091 It was one of the most bizarre things I’ve seen. Since JG had to be canceled due to a sick kiddo, we pushed her dinner back to the 13th in hopes she’d be feeling better.  While I am sure this helped:

brooklyns-6th-birthday_0061 she still wasn’t 100%.  In fact we flipped and flopped all week.  It was quite frustrating for all involved parties. When all was said and done, it was a blessing that she was sick at that time, instead of the following weekend, which was her “friends” party.  More to come on that craziness in a bit. Even if Monkey faked smiled her way through her actual birthday…


I know at least one person who enjoyed it. brooklyns-6th-birthday_0079