Why does it seem when you are trying to get pregnant there are pregnant women everywhere? Not just at the mall and in the grocery store, but EVERYWHERE.

My girlfriend Nina is due at the end of March and she came over a few weeks ago and I pulled out my 0-3 month bins for her to go through so she could pick and choose what she wanted. As I went through the clothes, the memories of when Brooklyn wore each outfit came flowing back. Although nostalgia was in the air, I felt very blessed to have these items to offer and knew I wouldn’t miss them a bit.

One of my favorite people from MOPS is due just a few weeks after the due date of our little angel who is now in heaven. She just found out she is having a girl, and just prior to her appointment I sent her girl baby dust, to which her husband said he sneezed it out.

Well, I was right and I couldn’t wait to start buying things for our new little princess. I went to Gymboree and bought her one of my favorite baby blankets. Her shower won’t be for a couple more months, but I couldn’t resist.

Last week we found out my sister-in-law (Sandy) is pregnant with her first child. She was married to her high school sweetheart two years ago, and the family has been waiting for this moment with baited breath. Monkey has always looked like her Aunt Sandy (who looks like Grandma) so I can’t wait to see the resemblance between the cousins.

As if that wasn’t enough of a baby boom, we found out we are about 5 weeks pregnant! The doctor confirmed everything through blood work and told us my hormone levels are right on target. We hesitated to share this news because of the history, but we decided to tell our friends and family in hopes this new little life will be lifted to the Lord in prayer. We have no reason to believe God has any other plan for this child other than perfect health, so right now we are enjoying the moment. Daddy might be enjoying it a little more than mommy, simply because I am sleeping through it, or feeling pretty sick whilst awake. I never thought I would say this, but right now I am grateful for my nausea.