Soooo.  Cheerleading didn’t work out.  It was pretty cliquey from the start on the coaching side, but when the girls started behaving like little diva’s, we hit the sidelines running.  Monkey is just a little too innocent for all of that.  She’s not really one that understands that when older girls are physically pushing her down over and over, even though they say it’s a game, the fact they are all laughing about it when she’s close to tears, it’s not a joke any more – no matter how hard the coach laughs about it.

It was such a blessing through (aside from the wasted money!) because from the start Daddy and I kinda had a weird feeling about the coach, and we pulled Monkey before she had any clue how ugly the behavior actually was.  I may be overprotective, but I’m just not ready for the innocence to be taken from her.

Oddly enough, we had been considering Girl Scouts and the day we decided to pull her, we got an email saying scouts at her school was starting that day.  Hours later, she’s happy as a lark and will be selling the famous cookies in the spring.  God is so amazing in His timing sometimes!

Also, because of the whole Vanilla thing, we have not been attending traditional Sunday morning church.  We are loving our Journey Group and feel very connected to the members in the church.  Monkey also started AWANA because we wanted to make sure she was being fed.  She earned her vest tonight, and was SO EXCITED.  She is whizzing through the memorization of the bible verses, and I absolutely love the songs and verses that tickle my ears with her voice!  It has been since preschool since I have heard such a melody and I am loving it!  She’s in bed now, but I’ll capture a picture in her vest and add it later. 🙂

Daddy and I worked The Justice Run for More Sugar Than Spice Photography, and it was great.  We are hustling to get the run photos up, and we are hoping to work with them in the future.  One of my MOPS girlfriends ran her first 5K today in The Justice Run and I am so proud of her!  She also took second in her age group!  It was really neat to see her complete the run, and she didn’t stay because she had no idea she won anything – it was too funny.

That’s where we’re at for now … and in 15 days we’ll be in Disney World!  I am nervous that I will forget something or that we’ll have to pay for something expensive while we’re there (As you know thanks to Damn Ramsey we are all cash!), but I am trying to stay calm and looking forward to it.  I got my purty new camera last week, so I am looking forward to capturing my sweet babies and the beautiful gardens with that bad boy.

I’ll post some of my faves from the run tomorrow!