Today was our first official snow day!  I was so thankful school was called off, because I could not fall asleep until after 4am this morning.  (!)  I think I’ve been taking advantage of Daddy’s new espresso maker a little too close to bedtime.  Whoops!

During Caterpillars nap, Daddy took Monkey out to try out her new sled.  In case you didn’t know, this is the sled that was supposed to be from Santa.

Until Mr. and Mrs. Claus got busted wrapping presents on Christmas Eve.  We had no choice but to say it was from us and that we were only wrapping gifts from us … and even with that explanation, I’m not sure she was buying what we were selling.

Anywho, she gave it a whirl around the neighborhood today and had a blast.  I can’t help but think of Christmas Vacation when I see people sledding, but lucky for her, no cereal coating was necessary for a pretty good ride.

[singlepic id=3496 w=640 h=480 float=center]

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I love how in the last one you can really tell she has Daddy’s gloves on.

And yes, those are trees she’s sledding right into with no helmet on.

Daddy daycare at it’s finest.