It’s been so warm here.  Even though I can’t go outside and soak up the sun like I used to (thanks PMLE!) it still puts me in a springy mood.  Baseball season started yesterday in Colorado, and the kids love watching it.  I’m hoping to catch a game or two, but I’m even more excited to catch a minor league game since we had so much fun [intlink id=”1626″ type=”post”]last time[/intlink].

Monkey just kicked off her soccer season (ha!) so I’m hoping to get a new zoom lens so I can catch her in action.  Since I tend to capture faces and itty bitty parts more than big pictures, I haven’t had a real need for it on the business side. I’m still in love with my prime and wide angle lenses on that front.

That being said, I’ve got my eye on this beauty, so we’ve had our noses to the grindstone with relation to our debt snowball and all things Damn Ramsey.  The good news is, the light at the end of that tunnel is no longer a train.

I’ve started getting calls to shadow for NILMDS.  Of the three requests I saw, I wasn’t able to shadow for a variety of reasons, but the Denver coordinator has me on her radar to go next time so that’s good.  I’m confident in Gods perfect timing for me to dig into that endeavor.

Once soccer is all finished up, we are going to start swim lessons.  I have a voucher to use at Starfish, that I purchased back in September for both Caterpillar and Monkey.  Yet another reason why that lens would come in oh-so-handy.

Since school will be out by then, we are also looking at starting Monkey’s violin lessons.  She’s pretty excited already, and I’d love to start them sooner, but I am one of those moms that refuses to spend all of my time in the car, only conversing with my kids as we go from one place to the next.

I know.  I’m mean that way.

Besides, we have a garden to prep and a backyard to plan!  I think I forgot to mention this before, but one of Daddy’s clients wants a second website completed.  He’s in the concrete business, so they are working out a trade of some kind.  Which means a concrete patio and backyard landscaping for us!  Whoop-woop!

Don’t you just love a good trade?  Bartering has quickly become one of my favorite things to do.  I’ve found in this economy, people are willing to work, but may not have the cash up front to pay for something they want (like photographs or websites).  So why not trade services like we did for Monkey’s new bed?

{Don’t mind the mess}

I love bartering!

I suppose since spring has sprung, I should squeeze in some spring cleaning.  What fun is that?  Actually, I do need to clean out Monkey’s old room and put the kids outgrown clothes in the basement.  What kind of projects do you do in the spring?

Well, as much as I’d love to sit here and chat with you guys all day, we are heading to the planetarium. I was able to snag a voucher a few months ago giving us $20 in credit for $8 out of pocket.  I looked today and the voucher will cover our whole family’s admission to a show.  So excited! After that, we’re heading to some of our favorite friends house for dinner and I’m bringing along my cameras.  We are going to take all of our kiddos out at sunset and play around and capture some of that gorgeous twilight, while our men stay back and grill us up some dinner.  Can’t wait!

Have an awesome day ~ and those of you in Colorado who can get out there and enjoy the sun, do it!  It’s going to be beautiful today!