As most of you know, we are going to Disney in October.  Because of this, and Damn Ramsey, we decided Daddy’s summer vacation time would be a stay-cation.  We had started planning a trip to the western slope to see the sand dunes, the drive-in, camping and fishing.  However, when all was said and done, those things would cost a bunch of money too, so we rethought our plan and we are literally staying put for our stay-cation.

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I was a teeny bit disappointed, of course, but we are hoping the kids will still have fun.  We are kicking off today with a pool day, and have the swim whisperer meeting us for a lesson this afternoon.  We are hoping to still go fishing one day, hit the zoo, the Highlands Street Fair, some garage sales, and Daddy is taking Monkey to see Toy Story 3. We have also started Sorry! marathon that I am sure will be a daily challenge.  Did you ever notice how no matter how many players you have, and no matter how well someone is doing in the beginning, it always comes down to the final few plays?  In the end, almost everyone is even-steven.  The engineering on that game baffles me every time we play. 

I also completed a collage for Fathers Day, and I’ll post it later, but here’s a sneak preview with one of my favorite pictures of Caterpillar.

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It won’t be all fun and games, however.  We are also doing on overhaul on Daddy’s business site, the MOPS site, and some changes to my pricing page.  I also need to place a large order for printed materials for Daddy, MOPS and More Sugar Than Spice.  I have a session on Saturday with a very sweet family of six, and some edits to complete from my last boudoir session.

In other news, we ran out of rice milk, so Caterpillar went back on regular milk on a trial basis.  Day one he was cranky as all get-out.  Day two he pooped four times and was much better.  I am praying that it was just a phase, or that his tummy has settled down, or that I was just plain ol’ neurotic and his downright cranky behavior was a dream and I’ve now woken up.

We weened him off the bottle in about two days, and he now sleeps through the night, but he wakes up STARVING.  The first thing he says when I go into his room after being abruptly awoken by a terrified-horror-movie-like scream every morning is ‘pancake, pancake, pancake’.  He’s walking more than crawling nowadays, and instead of looking like a drunken sailor, he’s taking on a more Forrest Gump-like gait. He still loves to torture Monkey, and I am not sure that will ever change.  She’s so dramatic about every little thing he does that it just feeds his desire to be the center of attention at all costs.

Anyway, that’s all that’s happening on our home front, what’s going on in your neck of the woods?