So I haven’t been writing much over the last few days because I have been on bed rest and well, I haven’t done anything interesting. Just the taste of bed rest over the last few days has left me sour. Daddy has been great and has been hanging out with Monkey, and although I know I should be thankful to have such a strong, good man, I can’t help but feel I am just not needed. In my brain I know it’s not true, but as I look around, watching the minutes tick by, I just feel so replaced.

I went for my follow up appointment today, and unfortunately things are not looking great. I still have protein in my urine, but the good news is my blood pressure has come down. The bad news is that indicates the bed rest is working on some level, therefore more has been prescribed.

We are still waiting for my extended test, but if the results indicate more of the same, we are going to look at possible hospitalization for steroid treatments just in case Caterpillar needs to join us sooner, rather than later. Right now, he is measuring big (the average is 28cm and he’s at 33!) so that is in our favor. We are getting another ultrasound next week to double check his measurements and get a feel for his overall development, just in case worst case scenario presents itself.

The interesting part to me is the doctors seem almost as surprised as I am. I didn’t have preeclampsia with Monkey and I am not at high risk for it. I usually have abnormally low blood pressure and my gestational diabetes test was negative.

The irony is just weeks ago I was getting impatient for his arrival, and wanting to be done with the waiting that comes with pregnancy. Now we are praying for more time, and stealing every minute we can in order to protect the little one we already love so much.