My vertigo has finally subsided a bit, and now it’s mostly positional. The time I’ve spent at home with the family was awesome, but I have to admit, having to stay still is HARD.

I went a little stir-crazy, and on a couple of occasions I made Daddy drive me somewhere so I could just get out. The car rides were rough, but with my eyes closed, they were worth it. Ha!

Also, I realized my vertigo wasn’t near as bad if I was trying to focus on things up close. This means I could craft!

Our plan is to add large wine racks on both sides of the map, almost ceiling to floor. We are hoping to use all upcycled materials, so we are just waiting for the right finds.

I was also able to sit down and do my ‘honey do’ list for Daddy, while he hung French doors in my office … More to come on that when the office is complete.

Daddy is back at work today, and my guess is he’s enjoying the break!