Robert Palmer sang in 1989:

You can’t sleep. You can’t eat.

There’s no doubt. You’re in deep…

You might as well face it

You’re addicted to love

That song was performed almost 20 years ago, so do the same rules apply? Are we still addicted to love?

I think on some level we are. Millions of dollars a year are spent on Hallmark cards, online dating agencies, and romantic comedy movies. Almost everyone craves love and companionship.

What else are we addicted to?

According to Gregory Bloom, author of Overcoming Entertainment Addiction we are addicted to the entertainment zone, which in my house primarily includes the internet and television. Mr. Bloom spoke at our MOPS meeting on Tuesday and he really got me thinking.

As most of you know Monkey will be 3 in February and already I can see signs of an addict in her as it pertains to the television. She will ask for Dora the Explorer almost every day. And for some strange reason, I routinely turn it on every day. Why? Most of the time when it is on, she’s playing with her toys and completely ignoring it. Yet, she asks for it every day, gets upset if I say no, and I somehow by the end of the day, she has watched at least one episode.

As I type these words I can hear that old infomercial yelling “Stop the Insanity!”

The reason this whole thing is insane is because she doesn’t really care that much. If I say no and re-direct her to something else, she is fine. She usually won’t ask again until a few hours later, at which point I can easily re-direct her again. What I have found is that I am the one who secretly wants her to watch the television. I am the one who needs the 30 minutes to get the dishes done and a load of laundry in.

Upon realizing that, I started looking at other times of my day and I have determined I am totally addicted. In the evening after Monkey goes to bed, Travis and I ‘relax’ by watching the television and playing World of Warcraft.

As if one stimulant isn’t enough, we have to have two going on at the same time! When did this happen? I have always done more than one thing at a time. That is my personality. On top of that, I am a mom. There is no other way to get everything done, other than multi-tasking. But when did I go from multi-tasking, to multi-relaxing?! I am not sure when it happened, but I can tell you what happened: I am more tired now, which leads to more TV time for Monkey.

I am not saying I don’t want Monkey to ever watch TV. I think there are some good things on there and she learns a lot from some of the programs. They sing and dance and entertain her and teach her things that I don’t even think of to teach. However, I do think sometimes it is a little too much.

The media loves to publicize what actor got a DUI and what actress is addicted to weight loss, but what they never mention is that almost everyone in America watches too much TV. Us included.

Just like all addictions, it hurts your loved ones the most, and only the addict can stop it. But, as they say in most step programs: The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.

As of today I am admitting I have a problem. I refuse to allow Monkey to watch Dora until she is no longer a monkey, but rather a deer caught in the headlights. I am giving this to God and I am praying he helps us stop the insanity, and turn off the TV.