As you all very well know, we are nickel and diming our way to being debt free. If money stuff makes you uncomfortable, you may want to skip this post.  Don’t worry – I’ll be chatting about, and showing off, cute kiddos soon enough. 🙂

Back to nickel and diming our way to being debt free: It’s a long process.  Not because we had an exorbitant amount of debt (we started with less than the national average) but simply because it’s a hard road.  It doesn’t help that we can’t 100% control the incoming debt due to my health issues.

We have been doing really well.  We just paid Daddy’s car last week (woot woot!), we were able to (re)fund our emergency fund (yay!), so we treated ourselves to a new backsplash for our kitchen (doing it ourselves and got a great deal) and I bought a used bike from Craigslist.

I know we need to do things like that every now and again or we won’t stick to the plan, but today, when a medical bill collector called I felt a twinge of guilt.  It didn’t help the guy was a total jerkface, and has been refusing to accept the money we do have available to him, but still, the guilt was there.  I wanted to scream “I have an expensive auto-immune disease – get in line!”, but instead I made Daddy deal with him.

Weenie, I know, but I just didn’t want to be bummed out on our first day of summer.

Making him deal didn’t make me feel all that much better, so I decided I needed to cozy up to The Word and here’s what I stumbled across in The Message version of the bible:

God is striding ahead of you. He’s right there with you. He won’t let you down; he won’t leave you. Don’t be intimidated. Don’t worry. Deuteronomy 31:8

It’s so stupid that we’re in this situation.  We have been so blessed, and we wasted what resources we were given.  It’s embarrassing and shameful.  It is intimidating to get a call like that.  Stupid jerkface verified my address at the end of the conversation and said ‘he knows where to take it from here’. How can I not be intimidated by that, God!? We only owe the guy $550, and offered him $500 as a settlement.  He refused.  I thought about just taking it from the emergency fund, but I know in order to stay out of further debt, we must leave that alone.  Besides, the reality is, there’s always something owe: We would never have the fund funded if we pulled it to pay the medical bills.

Anywho, enough of that.  I’ve blogged it out, given it to God, and now I can move on with my day.  I’ll let you know if I’m homeless anytime soon.  But don’t worry, I can blog from my phone. 😛