Since I am starting my Reboot, I have been cutting back and heading into a cleaner, healthier diet.

That being said, I wanted to go out in style, so we visited one of our favorite local restaurants for dinner.

The food was yummy, and even though they do dinner in an appetizer/dessert kinda way, we passed on dessert because we were full.  And we wanted movie theater popcorn. 😉

But seriously, how deliciously filling does this look?

We saw The Hunger Games and ate popcorn and soda and I gotta say, I cried during this movie!  Okay, twice.

Seriously!? I’ve read all three books, so nothing was really a surprise, but oh, sweet Rue.  I’m also in love with the bread boy.  Such a cutie.

Anyway, I digress.

The facts are these (name that show!): We hired a sitter.  We ate and drank wine until we were feeling full.  Then we changed venues and I ate some more while sitting in the dark, crying.

The end.

Wasn’t that a lovely way to end this season of life?

I thought so too.