With all of the activity surrounding the kick off of More Sugar Than Spice, and Monkey’s birthday, the contrast of the silence this week is so sweet.  We have nothing on the calendar for today.  Notta.  Not even school.  I am loving it.

And Wednesday, the only thing we have on the calendar is Monkey and I are going to the fabric store to pick up some new goodies for two new projects we are starting.  I will be sure and post some pictures, as long as things go as planned. 🙂

Caterpillar is completely off of cows milk now, and he’s like a new baby!  He’s not fussy, he now sleeps through the night and he seems to be learning words so much faster now (because he’s actually quiet enough to hear them!).  It’s only been a few days, but I am optimistic about the outcome!  The only hard part has been him asking for cheese.  ‘cheese-cheese- in his cute little voice is heartbreaking.  We tried the soy cheese and he was not buying what we were selling… hopefully over time he’ll enjoy it as much as he enjoys the original.

Caterpillar and I are still gluten free, and I have to say, I am loving it!  I just feel so much better.  I am considering going mostly dairy free along with Caterpillar.  Daddy and Monkey are probably about 90% gluten free, but I don’t see dairy free any time in the near future for them.  It has been so much easier than I thought it would be.  Daddy even found an Italian restaurant that will do GF meals for our anniversary.  With the opening of Sprouts in our town, it’s gotten just that much easier.

Well, I’d better go take my computer cord out of Caterpillars mouth for the millionth time and go lay him down for a nap.  Then, it’s time to crack open my bible and make the most of the sweet silence.