Monkey competed her swim lessons last week and we left with a certificate in hand and a feeling of accomplishment.  Granted, all the kids in her class passed, but I can still be a proud mama, right?

I didn’t really see a huge improvement in her swimming with this class, but she did learn the different arm positions, worked on floating with assistance on her front and back and even held her breath to go under water.  Here is a great picture of her getting ready to dunk her face in.  As you can see, she has no fear – which only increases my fear…

We start again next week and the focus will be doing much of the same, but unassisted.  I am really looking forward to her being able to go under without much prep (ie. hold your breath, now… one…. two…three) so when we go to the pool, mom doesn’t have to be an arms length away at all times.  That was fun when she was smaller, but now she has friends to go exploring with and mom is just in her way. Talk about feeling like a tag along!

She loves the water, and has so much fun in it.  In fact, leaving the pool has become very challenging and usually involves a bribe of some sort…. or a threat.  Depending on my mood.  Here she is laughing with her friends who were in her class this time, and I believe are going to be in the up coming class as well.

Just like her teacher said on her report card, we all hope she keeps on swimming!