On Daddy’s last day of vacation, we went to go see a Rockies game.  I had bought the tickets months ago from a girlfriend who’s son was selling them to support the local high school baseball team.  Because of this, I thought for sure the seats would be in the nosebleeds, but they were actually pretty good seats.

The game didn’t start until 6:40, so I was a little worried about Caterpillar since he’s normally in bed by 7:30, and that’s when he stays up late.

But, the weather was so nice, and he was so intrigued by all of the lights.

[singlepic id=1164 w=576 h=432 float=center]

He was a good listener for most of the night.

I love this picture of him listening so intently to Daddy.

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He even started to watch the game a little, and liked clapping when everyone else clapped.

[singlepic id=1163 w=576 h=432 float=center]

But, don’t let those pictures fool you.

He’s still a boy.

[singlepic id=1162 w=576 h=432 float=center]

We left in the 5th inning.