I weighed in today at 224.  This means I am down 10% from when I first started.  The best part isn’t the number, but it’s how I feel.

I do still have run-down days here and there, and flare ups caused by stress, but when I’m not flaring, I feel great!

I know most of you read that first sentence, including my weight, and thought ‘Wow … that’s still a lot’. Don’t lie. I think it is too.

My current weight loss goal is to catch The Boy as he gains. Right now he weighs 34 lbs, but he’s in a growth spurt, so he’s a moving target. Once I’m down 34 lbs, I’ll weigh him in again and see where he’s at and set that as my next goal.

I have starting having some dizzy spells. I went into the doctor to see what it could be and he ruled out the scary things like MS, but couldn’t really nail down exactly what it was. He said it could be viral, prescribed some high-dose dramamine, and asked me to check back if it didn’t go away. I mostly get it at night when I’m tired, if I’m stressed, or if I move around too quickly. Sometimes ‘too quickly’ just means I turn my head when someone calls my name.

Both my PCP and my Rheumatologist feel it’s not Lupus related, so that’s a plus! I’m still hoping my Lupus is under pretty good control, and so far it appears to be.

I am praying every day for God to use my hands and work to bless others. I’m excited for what His plan includes, and I am faithful no matter what, I am right where I need to be.