I have really been trying to keep focused on what’s important, and most of that is contained with these four walls.  One my of favorite things to do is watch my kids eat.  Especially Italian food (shocking … I know!).  This has been a favorite pastime of mine since Monkey was little.

It is just as much fun with Caterpillar as it was just a few years ago with Monkey.



As Monkey has gotten older, there are many meals that she just ho-hums through.  But, on certain nights, after every bite she lets out a ‘mmmm’ or ‘yum’.  It tickles my soul.

My absolute favorite is when she stops right in the middle of the meal, and thanks God for my cooking.  She will thank him for every ingredient she can taste.  She will thank him for ‘letting Mommy be such a good dinner maker’.  She will thank him for just about everything under the sun relating to the meal.

She sure does know how to work me over.

She’s known since around this time:


Oh Lordy, I’m in trouble here people.