I was watching America’s Funniest Home Videos on tv and they did a Christmas section where it was a bunch of kids opening things they didn’t like and throwing temper tantrums.  Then they had kids opening presents and screaming “This is the best Christmas EVER!”  I have to say, I was a little put off by both.  Is that what makes or breaks this holiday for us?

This year we have really been trying to keep things simple.  As a reminder of God’s gift to us (His only son) we are only doing one present from Santa.  She asked for a Glow Dome, and even though I think it’s something that won’t be used all that much, a Glow Dome it is!

Monkey has been doing fantastic this year in school.  It feels like we woke up one day and she was acting like a a school aged kid instead a four year old in preschool.  As much as that makes me sad, I am grateful she’s so smart and funny.  And I have to contribute a lot of that to her preschool, Promiseland.

Monkey has been attending loving Promiseland preschool for two years now.  This is her last year, and we are on the wait list for a local charter school, but a part of me wishes she could stay at Promiseland forever. 

They are an amazing school, and I am always blown away by how much they do with the resources they have.  Additionally, they are great about making each family feel like they are the most important family there, and it never feels rushed or cookie-cutter.

The Christmas program is no exception.  Every child gets a line, and both years Monkey had a great time practicing all of the different ways she could say it.  So, it’s always fun to wait and see the delivery:

B talking

One of the best parts about the program is the kids are on the big screen.  They have a great time coming out and waving at themselves and it is hilarious to watch their reactions when they realize they can pretty much do whatever they want up there and we will all see it.

Monkey’s relationship with God has grown so much since she started attending there.  In fact, that was pretty much the reason we picked the school.  They teach the standard preschool stuff too, but they have a true love and focus on God.  And as a result, she does too.


One of the teachers that makes everything there so wonderful is Mrs. Mary Lou.  She used to be the Douglas County jump-start to read coordinator, and has taken that love for children and reading to Promiseland.

Mary Lou

Mrs. Mary Lou told us that our kids may not know how to read by the end of the year, but she could promise they would love to read by the end of the year.  I loved that about her.  And, Monkey is already doing both.  She is reading simple words and books and she absolutely loves it, and the year is only half-way over!  This is a woman who is truly using her God-given gift and I am so glad she is!

Speaking of being led by God, Monkey told us a couple of days ago that she wants to learn more about God!  She has been asking lots of questions and I am just trying to hang on for the ride.  He has always been in her heart, but to see His fire in her life has been so fun to watch.

So, even though we won’t be doing the whole American-too-many-thoughtless-presents-under-the-tree thing, for me, this is already the best Christmas ever!