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Being an Italian mama myself, I do not know if I can say Abrusci’s is The Best Italian food… Period, (because my mama may not like that!) but it’s pretty darn good.  Coupled with the fact that when Daddy called and spoke to the owner/chef, Steve, he shared they had separate GF hardware and a full gluten free menu, Daddy knew it would be worth a shot for our anniversary dinner.

We arrived a little early, so we started the night off right:

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Once our table was ready we were handed menus which I barely glanced at knowing I would need to ask for a gluten free menu.  When the sever returned with more wine, I asked for one, at which point he informed me that was the gluten free menu…. all 6 pages of it.  I think I peed a little.

And it’s a good thing my bladder was nice and empty when our salads came out.  Daddy’s Carprese salad was awesome.  I know because I think I ate half of it.  And I don’t even like raw tomatoes.

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But that basil!  Oh, it was tasty.  And the biggest leaves I’ve ever seen.

By the time I finished my salad and GF bread (which wasn’t a brick like most GF bread) I was almost full.  But, don’t worry.  I made room for this:

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That was Daddy’s too, but we ordered family style so I made him share.

By the end of all of that, we did not have room for dessert, so we headed out. It was a fantastic meal and I was nice and full when we left.  The best part is, I didn’t get the after meal tummy ache that I have gotten so used to.

The only bad thing I can say about Abrusci’s is that there isn’t one closer to my house.

So, for all of you GF mamas out there, it’s family friendly, so pile them all in the car and head up North.  Or not.  Make it a date night.  Either way, you won’t be disappointed.