Now that we are in the final countdown, I have been trying to coordinate everyone in the family to have people arrive on time for the big show, but not have to wait in the waiting room for hours on end.  I have been working to get our pets cared for while we are away, Monkey juggled around, and maintain bed rest since my numbers haven’t looked that great lately.

Daddy’s co-workers surprised him with a baby celebration today, including cinnamon rolls and a gift card to Starbucks (since we won’t be sleeping much pretty soon).  As part of the party, they did a mad lib.  That reminded me of all the silly games we used to play as kids on long car rides, so I thought I would summarize what’s going on with us with a silly countdown:

Ready… Set… GO!

We are going to be induced 10 days before my birthday, and will likely deliver 9 days before Caterpillars due date.  We check into the hospital on the 8th of November at 7pm.  Daddy will have 6 weeks of paternity leave.  There are 5 people from MOPS bringing us meals after I deliver to help out our new family of 4.  Daddy will be completely off for 3 weeks, then goes back part time.  When we get home we will have 2 weeks to figure out our Thanksgiving plans and hopefully 1 happy and healthy baby!

See ya’ll at the finish line!