Isn’t there something so magical about taking something small, and growing it into something big and bountiful?  When I think about it, that’s really my favorite thing to do, whether it’s people, projects, or plants.

What I love most about our little backyard garden is it’s an every day reminder of the faith I have in tomorrow.  I hope someday my kids love gardening for the same reason, even if their garden is a simple gathering of herbs in an apartment window.

Having moved away from a very dry state, into a very wet state, the gardening over the last two years has really been fun.  We are just getting started in our season, but here’s where we are at so far:


I am leading with the zucchini plant because he’s my least favorite garden friend.  We aren’t huge zucchini eaters (although I will spiralize some this summer – stay tuned to the food tab for that!) and he always grows ridiculously big.  It makes me pretty ‘meh’ about him, but every year, we plant one.

This section is our roma tomatoes.   Last year, as you might remember if you are on my personal instagram, these grew into a feed me Seymour situation and I was scared to enter the backyard without bowls for harvesting and clippers for surviving.  This year I’m trying to be much more proactive about cutting off the lower branches so we get more fruit and less toot.  I don’t know I said that – just because it rhymed, I suppose.

These are my bush beans.  I love bush because because we love to eat beans.  I’m not convinced the 8 plants I planted this year will be enough, but Papa was doing his best to reign me in while plant shopping (which is no easy task!)

I think maybe one of the reasons I love beans so much is because I hated them as a kid.  I have bean eating time to make up!

Jalapenos and Bell Peppers.  We meet again.  Do you think you’re actually going to give me something good to eat this year?  Time will tell.  Last time, you held out … while my friends who live not so far away had TONS.  What gives, yo?

My precious cukes.  How I love everything about you.  First … pickles.  I mean, duh.  But also … your little out stretched arms are about the most precious thing this little mama heart can handle. Thank you for joining us again this year, and I’ll do my best to keep our bratty Great Danes away from your fruit!

That’s it for the veggies! What have you faithfully planted in your garden this year?