The lists have begun. I have things to finish in Monkeys room before I allow myself to make purchases for Caterpillar. BUT, that hasn’t stopped me from figuring out exactly what I want so when the time comes all I need is my car keys, my list and my wallet.

As I am pondering all of these choices, I realized we made some purchases with Monkey that were a complete waste. We made some that were not a total loss, but have been passed along because they weren’t a good fit for us, and some that Caterpillar will get to use for years to come. Here’s the skinny:


  1. The Diaper Genie Twistaway. This item is hard to use due to all of the twisting required, and does not guard odors. Additionally, you have to buy their bags. What a waste of money. I did see they have new and improved version, but we haven’t tried it. We replaced this with a Diaper Champ before Monkey was able to say “What stinks?”, and we never looked back.
  2. Winnie the Pooh Bedding: We purchased the whole set thinking it would last well beyond Monkey since it had blues, greens, yellows and pinks. When Monkey was about two months old I realized if I never saw Winnie the Pooh again, it would be too soon. I suppose what they say is right – everything in moderation.
  3. The Ticking Timebomb Clock: Again, Winnie the Pooh… However, the most annoying thing was the tick-tock we listened to for hours on end while rocking and feeding Monkey. This time around we will be going digital just to be on the safe side.


  1. Graco Travel System: Again, this was purchased with good intention in a neutral green color. It came with a car seat and stroller, which was convenient and I loved the way it was simple to cart Monkey from the car to the stroller. It also locked onto the top of the grocery cart, which made shopping a lot easier. However, what I realized over time is the shell on the stroller does not come off for washing. Therefore, the chocolate ice cream spilled all over it is still evident. The velcro over time became useless, so we are left with a flapping, filthy cover. Then the cats peed in the car set part while it was in our basement. Guess that seals the deal.
  2. Baby Bjorn Carrier: I really liked the idea of having my kid strapped to me so I could move about freely, but this carrier didn’t work for us. This was another hand-me-down and my guess is they have improved it, but the one we had was made of denim and not the right shape. At the time I would say I was an average size, and neither me or my husband could get it to fit right. Also, in order to get Monkey in or out I had to turn her into a pretzel, which never works with a sleeping baby.
  3. Digital Thermometer: We have tried just about every thermometer on the market. Monkey had ear infections during the early part of her life (before the miraculous ear tube surgery) and it never failed, in the middle of the night when her cheeks were red and she was sweating and panting like crazy, the thermometer would clearly read: 83.5. UGH. This time we are going to try for a temporal thermometer and see how that plays out.


  1. Electric Wipe Warmer: This was passed down from a friend and at the time, it was something we hadn’t even thought of before it was given to us. This is a lifesaver during those 2am diaper changes. Nothing jolts a house full of sleeping people awake, like the sudden shriek of a baby who just discovered how warm their own poop was, before mom messed with it.
  2. Lined Baskets and Buckets: We used these for things big and small. They look cute on a shelf and keep things organized around the changing table and in the closet. A plastic one works great for bath items and makes it easy to grab everything with one hand on the way to bath time.
  3. Boppy: This is a very simple ‘U’ shaped pillow that works great for getting baby to sit upright. It helps the little ones (such as big sister, nieces and nephews) provide support while they are cuddling, and can assist with nursing. We have our pink one, and will simply buy a new, very manly-not-pink-at-all cover.

To say the least, we have lived and learned. But I know there are things out there I could benefit from, that I haven’t even thought of. What are your recommendations? What should we stay clear of this time around?