I know I have been a total slacker in the blog department, but things have been going well.  Caterpillar seems to be on a good streak (knock on wood) and Monkey has been busy balancing soccer and cheerleading.  We didn’t want to sign up for two things, and in part, this is why, but we knew cheerleading doesn’t really start until fall so we are trying to keep the scheduling conflicts to a minimum.  So far, we haven’t been super successful.

Our other hesitation about cheerleading was the costs involved.  They have a way of snowballing.  The uniforms are not cheap, but then there’s the hair bows, warm ups, matching shoes, spanx, etc.etc.  I know how quickly this can add up because I remember how many times I would come home to my own parents with an additional unexpected charge.  No way around it – cheerleading is pricey.  Even when they are only five.

However, we did find out that they offer used uniforms, so we were hoping to get lucky.  In true Damn Ramsey style I budgeted for a new one, and I was praying for a used one.   The friend who had told me all of the details about DC Cheerleading (her daughter did it last year) offered to let me try on their used uniform, and if it fit she agreed to sell it to us for a fraction of the cost.  We invited them over for dinner for the big try on (because we don’t really need an excuse for dinner at our house, but when one presents itself…) and I think it fit her well.  The shirt may be considered just a smidge too big, but they aren’t even starting for four months, so we are hoping it will fly.  As they were leaving, she told me that she wouldn’t let us pay for the uniform.

I couldn’t believe it.

What a huge blessing that is for our family.  Things were going to be tight as we are still doing our debt snowball (thanks again, Damn Ramsey) in addition to saving for Disney in October.  I was completely humbled by her generosity because she could have easily sold it back to the group, who in turn would have no trouble selling it to another family.

Wasn’t I just saying that I was having a bit of a lull in business?  Well, if you didn’t hear me say that, forget it.  I spoke too soon. In addition to wrapping up a few smaller projects, I am wrapping up for MOPS as well.  That means I am putting together our annual slideshow and doing some of the paperwork/nitty gritty things and preparing for next year.

But, as crazy as the start and end of the year are for me with MOPS, I truly love volunteering for them.  I love the work I do, and it is so fun to see God working in our members lives.  I am super excited for the new leadership members and I have been praying over them often.  Next year is going to be awesome.

I also captured Monkey’s team soccer pictures, so I am working to get those ordered in time for the end of season soccer party which is creeping up on me.  I am doing a slideshow for those girls as well, with photos I’ve taken throughout the season.

So, the lull has quickly passed.  Daddy’s business has been busy and steady all year, and as 1 Cor 10:13 reminds me:

No test or temptation that comes your way is beyond the course of what others have had to face. All you need to remember is that God will never let you down; he’ll never let you be pushed past your limit; he’ll always be there to help you come through it.

(That is actually the translation in The Message bible.  I normally don’t like it as much as a more traditional translation, but I’ve been liking it more and more lately.)

I have always liked that verse, but in this very busy season, I like it a lot.  Kinda like Gods saying ‘Hey lady – been there, done that.  You got this.’

Make it a great day – and hopefully I’ll be back before I wish I’d said ‘Make it a great week’.  🙂