As most of you know Monkey and I have struggled over potty training for a while now. I learned from our pediatrician that one thing that may be contributing to our struggle is Monkey’s need to feel she’s in control. He recommended we ignore potty training altogether for an entire month, then try again.

During that month, one of my friends from MOPS sent me a link to a potty training game her mother had recommended to her called “My Throne”. It was only $25, so I ordered it. I figured if it worked, it would be the best money ever spent. When it arrived, it wasn’t anything revolutionary, but Monkey was excited about the package, and the fact that she got to be a frog in the game, so she was once again excited about potty training.

The way the game works is when she has a completely dry day she gets to move her piece to the castle. After three dry days in a row, she was crowed the princess of the throne and earned a crown and certificate. For fun and extra motivation I added a trip to Chuck E. Cheese to the pot.

Monkey talked about going to the castle every day, and in less than a week she earned her crown and certificate. She has mostly dry days now, and she collected her trip to Chuck E Cheese yesterday.

Prior to going to Chuck E. Cheese we had to make a stop in at The Rock because we had agreed to help with a video the Childrens Ministry was creating in order to try to obtain additional volunteers. They asked us some basic questions and we were asked to answer them on camera. I absolutely could not have been more uncomfortable. For the rest of the day, I pretty much thought about how much better I could have answered the questions if I hadn’t have been so nervous.

One of the questions that kept coming to mind was “How has the Childrens Ministry Influenced you?” That was simple to answer. I remember I had joined the ministry thinking ‘how hard can it be to teach preschoolers?’ and now every weekend I go wondering I will be taught. The children are so in tune with God, and their hearts love him so purely and unconditionally. As adults it is easy to forget how simple that is. I am always amazed at how God can use someone as small as a mouse to teach an elephant something so big.

After the church video we headed straight to Chuck E. Cheese. Monkey clearly did not have the patience to stop anywhere else. As Travis and I were eating the cheap pizza and drinking the flat soda, the giant mouse made his appearance. Every kids eye in the room was on him. He danced and sang happy birthday to some of the kids. It was as if he had some sort of force field pulling their little eyeballs open and directly on him. He finally left and the chaos of the kids games continued.

Looking back on my day it’s obvious… but in the moment for some reason I didn’t make the connection. God is urging me to pay attention to the little things. The little mice that scamper in and out of my life and sometimes go unnoticed. Perhaps the message is to pay attention to the little baby growing inside of me right now. This baby is already a part of our family. This baby is already perfect and already cherished. This mouse I am carrying may be quiet and tiny, but it is already so powerful.