This morning around 5am I felt two little eyes looking at me. I opened my eyes to find Monkey standing next to the bed and she said “Good morning, Mommy… Time for school!”

We were able to snooze for a little longer and then I got up made Monkey breakfast and ironed her skirt. We all got dressed and ready to go. Monkey allowed a few pictures after a little resistance, and had patience while Daddy and I went to Starbucks.

Once we got there, she was excited. She went into the classroom and started looking at all of the fun things on the walls and floors. One of the moms from MOPS was there with her son (they are in the same class) and she made fun of me when I started tearing up. Keep in mind she has four kids and is a pro at all things mom related!

We found Monkey’s name on the wall and added her coat and backpack to the hooks, got her settled in with Miss Amy, and we were off.

She was a little quiet when we left, but gave us kisses and didn’t cry or seem upset. I wish I could say I was the same, but once out the door I couldn’t hold it in anymore. As Daddy and I walked to the car I realized I missed her already. She’s been my light and my buddy for so long, that I feel like I have become less of a person without her. I dropped Daddy off at work, and came home to the empty house. I know it won’t be long until I really enjoy this time to myself, but for today, I am counting down the minutes until I get to see her smile and hear all about her day of fun.