Every day when I drop Monkey off for school, I get a touch farther away from the doors.  My hope is, by the time winter comes, I won’t have to unload the baby to walk her 20 feet from the kiss and go lane, because she’ll be a pro.

Yesterday, we were running a tad bit late, so we used the kiss and go lane so she would have more time on the playground.  Today she wanted me to walk her again, which honestly was just fine by me!

We walked up, and right after the crossing guard got us across the street, I leaned in and told her I loved her to the moon and back.  I kissed her, she kissed brother and instead of turning to walk away as I normally do, I watched.  She looked so big, yet compared to the other kids and the school, so small.

I could feel the lump in my throat and then she turned.  I straightened up and she smiled so sweetly and waved.  She set her favorite lunch box down and did this:

[singlepic id=1969 w=576 h=432 float=center]

I love that she knew that I was tired and cranky, and needed a little extra lovin’.

She picked up her lunch, and ran off to be with her friends as I stood there trying to soak it all in.

Man I love that little girl.