I had a crazy idea pop into my head this last weekend about starting a non-profit photography business.  I am considering going non-profit is for a few reasons:

1) This may help me to make sure it stays fun and the focus (ha!  little photography humor) remains on the people I am shooting, and not the bottom line.  I also don’t want to do portrait pictures.  I hate them.  I have done them, I am awful at the whole ‘pose like this, nose down, say cheese’ and when I do take pictures like that I am always disappointed.

B) I don’t have formal training or professional equipment.  And before you point out that the equipment improves every year, and amazing photos have been taken pretty much since the camera was invented, let me tell you that has been pointed out and it’s been duly noted.

Lastly) I cannot imagine someone wanting to pay me for my pictures.  Guess it’s a confidence thing, but really why would someone pay me for something I know very little about?  Seems nuts to me.  Accepting donations on the other hand seems more reasonable, and it will help me cover travel costs and new equipment.

Yet, with all of those reasons to not do it as a business, I still want to do it.  I would love to get paid someday for the work, but I am not sure that time is now.

I am not sure if it’s to be, or not to be.