Yesterday, Monkey started her new swim lesson at the Castle Rock Recreation Center.  She has loved the lessons, but I was thinking this might be her last one there, as the group lessons can be short and I think she would thrive with a little more one-on-one learning.

Monkey struggled a little in her lesson yesterday, and was shivering the entire time.  Honestly, I was surprised since I normally have to drag her out of the pool – not into it.

As we were getting ready to leave, we stopped to shower since we were meeting family for a charity lunch.  One of the showers wasn’t working, so we were waiting in line with a couple of other families. Finally it was to be our turn. A woman came out of a dressing room with her kids and led them right into the shower.  Travis and I looked at each other in disbelief.  In the last couple of weeks I have had a few people totally disregard the world around them, but it still catches me off guard each time.

We continued to wait, and I overheard a daddy near us tell his son they were waiting for a changing room.  I told him there was a room open and I pointed to an open room near us.  He explained he thought we were going to use it, since we were standing near it.  The contrary action between the woman and the man struck me as odd.  Here, he had patiently waited for more than 10 minutes thinking someone might be in line ahead of him, and the other woman couldn’t wait 10 seconds to find out why there were families just hanging around like pervs in a family changing room.

When I was at VBS a very similar situation occurred.  There was a line of mommies waiting to pick up their 2-3 year olds.  A man (who I happened to have had a not so pleasant business transaction with before) cut all of the mommies off and gave the teacher his son’s name.  The teacher looked puzzled, and said she didn’t have him, and asked for his age.  He said he was five, and she redirected him down the hall and to the right.  He then asked if she could show him.  As if a classroom full of two year olds could just be left so he could be escorted down the hall.  She could see me in line waiting to pick up Monkey, and since I work for the church, she asked me to show him.  I did, and he not only didn’t recognize me, but his completely oblivious behavior to everyone has stuck with me since.

When did people become so clueless? Am I like that in public?  Would I know if I was?  I try to say ‘excuse me’ in the grocery aisle and I wait for people to cross the road when I am driving.  Not because I don’t have a list of things to do, but because I know Monkey is watching me, but more importantly I think about what could happen if I don’t. If I don’t take the time to be polite, what seed will be planted inside of that person?  Will it be the last straw of the day for them?  Will it cause them to lash out at their spouse or child later?  Obviously  I probably don’t have that kind of power or influence… but I might.

Turns out, Monkey was sick.  For the first time in almost two years she has a fever – which explains the chills in the pool. The good news is, we bought a temporal thermometer (which I am now obsessed with), and have found it totally accurate.  The bad news is, we’ve already gotten our moneys worth, and I after dragging Monkey around all over town yesterday, I am thinking I too fall in the ‘totally clueless’ category.