With my camera I the shop, and the love/hate relationship I have with my backup camera, I’ve been capturing most everything with my iPhone.

It’s been a fun new challenge for me, since typically I am the Worlds Worst Phone Photographer … slowly but surely I am starting to remember to get my finger out of the frame. 😉

All of that rambling to say, these were quick snaps with my iPhone, but you’ll get the idea.

I found a beat up metal tray at The Good Will for $5.

It was half off that day, so at $2.50, even without a plan I had to have it.


I brought it home, considered making it a stand of some sort, but then remembered I needed some way to make Caterpillar’s photo wall “L” a bit more exciting.

{Side Note} The “L” was purchased at Hobby Lobby for a couple of bucks, and I wrapped it in some worsted yarn that I loved. The yarn matches my living room colors perfectly, and adds a punch of purple, so I went for it.


I hot glued that bad boy on and slapped it up on his wall.


How easy is that?!

For right around $5, I added an interesting piece to our wall, and because I used hot glue I can always remove it and change it up later.

What kind of trash are you treasuring right now?