Caterpillar has started putting small words together.  His latest is ‘uh-oh, Daddy!’.  The best part about this is it sounds like he is tattling because of the pause between Uh-oh and Daddy.  He also will do it with Mommy, but since I am with him more, and in my mind he’s likely trying to tattle on me, it comes out ‘Daddy’ more.

Monkey and I have been having more and more disagreements, and I think part of it is because she is such a Daddy’s girl.  Don’t get me wrong, I love their relationship, but it is starting to cross the line where she thinks all parental direction is invalid until it has been confirmed by Daddy.  To top it off, I don’t know if it’s because her vocabulary has gotten so much better, coupled with she just acts older, but I have realized I have an expectation of her to act like a caring, responsible human being.  I am not saying all the time, because I haven’t completely lost sight of the fact that she’s only five, but I do think it’s reached a point where being nice to her brother for a few minutes while I carry in groceries is not an unreal expectation.

Monkey is great.  That’s not a pat on my back, because I often wonder how the heck it happened… but how does someone go about teaching compassion?  I think everyone in our family does a good job when it comes to serving others, so why does she think it’s okay to rip a toy out of brothers hand and just let him cry (especially when the toy isn’t one she’s touched in months)?  Monkey is the sweetest little girl to everyone she meets.  She is always making friends when we go out, yet she comes home and treats Caterpillar and me like we are doormats.  Not all of the time, but isn’t some of the time too much?

So, now we’ve reached this awkward point of where if I need something really enforced, I have to rely on Daddy to drive it home.  I tell her and tell her, and show her and show her, but at the end of the day when Daddy comes home and says the exact same thing that I have repeated 100 times throughout the day, it sinks in.

I think back, and obviously I don’t remember when I was Caterpillars age, but even as far back as I can remember my brother was always my ally.  He used to clean my room for me so I would stay out of trouble, he was thoughtful and kind and just a great guy.

At this point, I know all I can do is give it to God.  I don’t know where I went wrong, but clearly I have.  I am calling out an ‘uh-oh, Daddy’.  I need my Father to show me how to make this right.  Show me how to encourage that love in her heart that I know is there.  I see glimpses of it and I know she really does adore her brother … but I need Him to teach her how her actions are being perceived by not only Caterpillar, but her actions are not a reflection of Gods love.  So, in my mind, an ‘uh-oh, Daddy’ is in order.  And I am praying that by me calling it out now, she won’t have to later.