Yesterday was the start of Vacation Bible School and I have to say, they really should rename this organized chaos. I thought I was ready. I had prepped the crafts for my classes, read through the instructions a thousand times, and I had even woken up early to go through every thing in my head, just to make sure it was perfectly prepared.

Turns out the only thing that wasn’t perfectly prepared, was me. I was tired, my shoes were not as comfortable as I had hoped, and I really had no idea that hair gel would be so impossible to squeeze into a plastic test tube – especially with fifteen sets of eyes watching my every move.

My crafts ran about two minutes late all day long, and my room looked like a something had exploded. As I crawled around on my hands and knees picking up plastic bags and stickers at the end of the day, I realized I had not prepared for the unexpected. I had not prepared for the kids scissors to be pretty much useless and I had not prepared for the reaction from Monkey when her cousins came home with a craft and she had nothing.

I came home with glitter in my teeth, swollen ankles and sausage toes, and my hair looked like I had stuck my finger in the socket. I had changed into my bright blue VBS shirt, which is not a maternity shirt, therefore it was tight in all the wrong places. I pretty much resembled a round Christmas ornament…after the cat has gotten a hold of it.

But most of all, what I wasn’t prepared for was the sweet sound made when 400 kids sing Amazing Grace, and what 800 little arms look like when raised in worship for the Lord. I was not prepared for my Monkey and her cousin to be singing the songs from the day in the bathtub that night. I was not prepared for peace that comes when the house is quiet at the end of a long day of play, and the Lord is near.

I was not prepared.