We have had A LOT of stressful things happening in the bam fam recently. Some I will share when I can (hopefully soon!).  But for today, let’s avoid real life and talk about THIS!

Todays harvest was pretty exciting, although I could have let them go a bit longer … BUT we are heading out of town for a week and I didn’t want to miss all of the rewards!

The english cukes will be sliced up and snacked on, but I decided to pickle those pickling cukes. I asked for a recipe online, and a friend sent me the one I always use, so I figured it was tried and true, so it must be meant to be!

This recipe is EASY and you can scale up or down to fit your needs.

Grab 1/3 C White Vinegar, 1 C water and 2 TBS kosher salt and whisk it together. Heat either on the stove or in the microwave while you slice up your cukes.  (I needed to quadruple the brine for my container / amount of pickles)

I use a quick flat mandoline, but if you wanted to cut them by hand with a knife, you certainly could.  Wavy blades are also fun once in a while as well!

Throw them all in your container. Since these are fridge pickles (vs. canned / long term storage), it doesn’t have to be airtight / sealed, etc.

Add seasonings and pour over the pickle chips and pop in the fridge.

I like to add a bunch of peppercorns, red pepper flakes, garlic, and dill. Season with your heart – you really can’t mess them up.

Pop into the fridge, and then the hardest part of the whole process starts: the waiting.

You CAN start to enjoy them 24 hours later, but the more time you give them, the better they turn out.  I also remember you shake them up a bit as you wait.

Isn’t that how most things in life work? 

I have found no matter what is troubling my heart, a pause for reflection, followed by a shake up mends just about everything.

I’m in a waiting season in my life, but the shake up is coming soon, so stay tuned, friends!!