Just a quick post before I go crawl into bed next to Monkey for a long, and hopefully uneventful night

We are currently in day four of the hostage situation.  Monkey has consistently had 102 degree fever since Saturday, with the ever-loving 104 degree spike at 3am.  After a drive to the emergency room, only to turn around due to a break in the fever, a trip to the doctor, only to find out it’s not strep, and a middle of the night puking we are in the same situation we were 86 hours ago: No change, very little patience, and a lot of unanswered questions.

As I’ve mentioned before, Monkey hasn’t gotten sick since she had tubes put in her ears almost two years ago.  Sure we’ve had the occasional cough for a day, a runny nose here and there, but certainly no dragging on forever, unexplainable fever.

As I explained the symptoms to the on-call doctor today, even to me they sounded minimal.  But there is so much as a parent you can’t explain to the doctor.  Like fever eye.  Parents who have kids who have had a fever know that look in their childs eyes. It’s the far away, swollen eye-lid stare that gets worse as time goes on.  It isn’t a symptom that indicates a virus or a bacteria, so the doctors have little interest.  But as a parent, you know it means sleepless nights and fights about Tylenol are sure to ensue.

And why is it the second you pull into the doctors office, their symptoms dramatically improve?  Monkey starting eating the piece of toast she’d been carrying around untouched all day.  She talked about the paintings on the wall, talked about the other little boy in the room and even told the doctor her earrings were blue like her eyes.  Ugh.  Not that I want her to be sick, but I could have killed her for the 180 that occurred in that office.  Of course, the sick Monkey came back as soon as we got home.

We’ve been told by the doctor to continue to wait it out, so wait it out we shall.  In the mean time, I am listening to Monkey snore louder than our Miniature English Bulldog, tracking how much (and how little) she pees, and praying for the end of this saga to be near.