We took Monkey and her cousins to see Wall-E on opening day, and I don’t know who was more excited – Daddy or the kids.

The first 30 mins had no – I mean NO – dialog … yet even Monkey felt sorry for the robot when sad things happened to him.  That is amazing animation and character development.

It was Monkeys first movie in the theater since Happy Feet, since she couldn’t really sit still for the entire movie at that time.  We have stuck to the drive thru movies since then, but since they closed the closest one last year, we thought we would give it another shot.

She did great.  She ate popcorn and candy, and even let us know when she had to potty.  After a long and exhausting week, it was just what we needed.   At the discounted rates that Kerasotes offers during their “twilight hours” we were able to pile in the car and get in and out for less than $50, including five tickets, popcorn and drinks for all.

In summary, two thumbs up from this mommy – and check out your local theaters… there may be more discounts than you realize.  If not, this movie is worth the full price.