We decided to stop spending approximately $20 a month on redbox, and go back to Netflix.  We stopped using Netflix about a year ago because we were that family that never returned movies.

You know the type.  The families that were discussed when the CEO thought about Netflix and all the money it would make him.  Yep. One of those families.

But we’re older and more mature, so I thought we’d try again.

Well, we are older.

Plus, Netflix streams their info through the Wii.  How cool is that?  As a result of them being so cool now, and because Daddy and I want to be cool too,  we have decided to join the United States population and watch 24. What?  Don’t look at your screen like that.  We’re only 8 seasons behind.




We’ve watched almost all 24 episodes from the first season in a week.

Do you think we need a support group?