With it being -11 degrees here right now (-35 with the wind chill!) schools were closed today.  With tomorrow projected even colder, school has been canceled once again, which gives us a good time to work on Valentines for the class, since they have to be homemade this year. I can’t wait to see what Monkey brings home!  One thing I adore about her, is each and every one will warm her heart, and she’ll treasure them for a long time.  She’s a pretty neat kiddo that way … not that I’m bias. 😉

To stay warm (is that possible?), I’ve been editing and oogling over adorable newborn pictures for a good part of the day. I’ve also offered a Facebook only special while the temps are low, so if you aren’t a fan there, what are you waiting for?  You are missing out on deals, people!

With that, I can only offer one more thing to warm your heart:


Stay safe and warm, my friends.  And if that picture doesn’t make you want to snuggle up with those you love most, I don’t know what will.