Today is the big day! We are leaving for the cabin in less than six hours.

I have so much to do before I leave, but my bags are packed (and so are everyone else’s) so I figure I’m doing alright. My camera is charged and my list for the store is complete. I have to run to Sams Club for the makings of the feast we indulge in while we are down there, and I have to give Stinky Magoo (aka. Bluto the stinkiest bulldog in the West) a bath AND wash out his kennel since he is the only dog I have ever owned that just doesn’t care about peeing on himself. I have a ton of laundry still, but the machine only runs so fast…. yet I sit here feeling off and just wanting to do nothing.

Monkey is playing so sweetly upstairs, and I know if I jump in the shower and she sees me go in, she will go wild. It’s as if the sound of the water somehow translates into crack pulsating through her veins, because I swear nothing gets broken until I am in the shower. Well, except the curtain she pulled out of the wall the other day, but that’s off topic and a whole other story…

With that, I am off… Off the computer and back on the to do list.  Off to the southern most part of the state known as the Spanish Peaks. Off to join the wild life, take lots of pictures and get lost in the silence.