This year, to celebrate our daughter’s sweet 16, we had a horrible ice storm. We went without power for 5 days, and a 35ish foot pine tree fell over in our backyard. It was not the birthday celebration any of us imagined, but this has been the year of COVID, so I guess you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.

Once everything warmed up, we were able to have someone cut down the tree (after we attempted to do a lot of the work ourselves!) and we have a clean slate for our yard now!

We moved the garden boxes away from the patio, which gave us a space for some decorative features.

We decided to build a little wall, because one of our Great Danes is on a mission to see every possible move the neighbor makes, and she’s already trashed one of my lilac’s planted on the fence line.

We didn’t want anything too tall, so we opted for this natural looking stacking stone. 

We laid the first layer of stone right next to our stone patio as evenly as possible.  Living in Oregon means we will get TONS of water and things will shift, so we just did our best.

We decided to glue the second layer onto the first layer because the before mentioned dog is a real butthead and she will likely walk over the wall at some point.  Our hope is the adhesive keeps them stacked up, even if she bumps into it.

We also added edging because we plan to have some river rock and bark on the other side.

Here’s the final wall, and a little bit of the decor done.  We really like it so far, and once the temps stop instantly melting my skin, we will finish up this project.


**Update** The dog did knock a stone loose, and she ate a couple of the flowers. The stones we chose were tumbled and pretty uneven … if you want the glue to really hold tight, I’d recommended smoother wall stone!