I have been on my new meds for about two weeks now.  I have to say, I was feeling fantastic for about a week and half.  But, these last few days I have felt the fatigue again. I am pretty bummed because I was so dramatically better, but I am trying to keep things in perspective.

I had my ultrasound of my thyroid yesterday and I watched the screen the whole time.  It was just a grey mess, so I have an all new respect for ultrasound techs.  At least with the babies there was something to see!  I am also thinking that if there was a tumor or anything like that, I would have been able to see it, and the test would have taken a little longer.  I was in and out in about ten minutes.

I need to figure out when I can get go get my blood drawn so they can start to figure out the anemia part of my diagnosis.  That’s got to be the reason I am so darn tired again.  It’s my fault, really.  I was feeling so great that I was just trying to go with it and get caught up from my downtime before.  Guess I should have made sure everything was taken care of before jumping back into it all.  Sounds like we need more HOTs. Hee-hee.

The last two days, I’ve been tired and useless.  Not as useless as before, because I have been able to take care of the kids, cook dinner, etc.  But useless in the fact that I have only been able to clean about one room a day, and unfortunately with kids, that creates diminishing returns.

Daddy and I have gone back to square one.  I just don’t understand how after all of these years of me being sick, Daddy can think for even one second that I am just being lazy.  He doesn’t want to admit that’s what he thinks, but it’s clear through his actions and words that is how he feels.  It’s rough.  We hardly ever fight, and for the first time I could not give a crap.  I used to feel sorry for him – I mean he didn’t sign up for this, but you know what?  Neither did I, and I am doing the best I can.  He’s a good man.  He just doesn’t get it, and as much as his patience is thin with me, mine is just as thin with him.  But, I am faithful that this will bring us closer in the end.  I know God is watching over us, and I see his hand in our lives every day. It has been a whirl-wind.  We have been on the rollercoaster of ups and downs for a while, and I can see how this last week had some pretty sharp turns, and from Daddy’s perspective that’s hard.  Guess we can use some more HOTs as well!