Lately I have felt like life is a roller coaster.  We have not only been somewhat busy, but it also seems like we can’t get our schedules to line up.  We have scheduling conflicts all over the place, then complete down time.  Which, don’t get me wrong, I love the down time but if things could be a little more even it would be so much easier!  Things that should take just a few minutes, take longer.  When we are out and about, we are behind!

Yesterday was Monkeys last day for chapel at school and they invited the parents to come watch.  Daddy and I were both planning to attend, but at the last minute, Daddy’s boss and his bosses boss scheduled a meeting.  So, Caterpillar and I were on our own.  I have a couple of friends who’s kids attend Promiseland so I didn’t have to sit alone, which I was thankful for because I think that would have made me sadder that Daddy wasn’t there.

The kids came out on stage, and Monkey starts ‘air talking’ me.  She just learned to do this about two months ago and it’s hysterical.  She over-exaggerates her words to the point where I can barely make out what she’s saying.  Then she uses her finger to make the letters in the air.  Ahhhh.  She was asking for Daddy.  I shook my head no and prepared for her to get upset, but she just nodded and went about her goofing around.

They sang songs that included sign language, and the kids looked like they were having fun.

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Well, everyone but that little girl on the right.  Who just happened to be my friends daughter.

After the performance they did hot dogs and such for everyone.  Caterpillar ate his hot dog with his sister and things were going fine.  I got my plate and sat down with them, only to have Caterpillar throw a complete fit because he could see balloons and he wanted one.  He kicked and dumped my plate, and that was pretty much the end of the picnic for us.

I let Monkey play for a bit while I held Caterpillar as best as I could and tried to carry on a conversation with my friend.  She’s one of the sweetest people I know, and she’s always been a good friend to our whole family, so she pretends not to notice when Caterpillar is acting like a total spazzoid. 😛

After bribing Monkey with chocolate ice cream, we came home.

Today was Monkey’s last day of school, and she has graduation tonight.  I made it through drop off without tears.  I have been up and down with emotions about Monkey getting so big.  I am so proud of her, but like a roller coaster, it’s just moving so fast.  With every new season, I love her more and I enjoy her more.  She’s a wonderful person, and she’s only five!  I can’t wait to see where she ends up when the ride slows down.

I got in the car, and the first thing Caterpillar said when he saw me crying was ‘Weeeeeeeee!’.


Weeeeeeee is right, kid.