Today is the start of the second week of summer.  How can it be going by so fast?  We have been trying to make the most of it (on a shoestring budget, of course!), and it’s been a lot of fun.

Monkey had her second violin lesson tonight and she LOVES it.

Her teacher specializes in teaching a method that allows the kiddos to hear  and feel the music long before they actually play the music.  It’s pretty neat to see Monkey pick out music patterns and rhythms after just two half hour sessions.

Swim lessons came and went.  Well, I should say swim lesson came and went.  I had purchased lessons for both kids for the summer through Smilefish and after one lesson we determined it was not the place for us.   Lucky for us, I had purchased the lessons through, so when the owner refused a refund (even a partial refund), stepped in with their money back guarantee and sent us a check.

Monkey also started VBS today through Plum Creek Community Church.  She’s excited to join them again this year, and she came home with a bible verse memorized after just the morning session.  I love how much that little girl loves the Lord.

Caterpillar has been doing ahh-mazing.

We have really been trying to stay unplugged and focused on him when we’re home with him and it seems to be helping.  He’s also switching to an all-natural food diet.  His skin bumps are back, and they cleared last time when we removed gluten from his diet, so I’m hoping they improve a bit on this diet as well.

I’m off to kiss my babies good night so we can get up and do it all again tomorrow, but I am praying your summer is as blessed as ours has been!