It’s Spring Break from school here, which means two whole weeks of fun!


What it actually means is two whole weeks of us being foster parents to some of Brooklyn’s classmates bulbs because those other families are livin’ it up on vacation somewhere.

Which we totally plan to do on our cruise in October, but more to come on that later.

For now, the bulbs.

They came to us in little trays of water.  They were not much more than a bulb, then this happened:


Then before too much longer, this happened:


And then we had to repot them.

Well, I suppose we didn’t have to repot them, but I felt for the little guys.  All exposed and vulnerable.

I know the feeling because in the last two weeks I’ve had what started as a head cold, somehow morphed into a 48 hour stomach flu, then back into a head cold that would never end.  Poor Daddy has had to clean up used tissues, puke, do all of the nasty laundry and cook and clean for the kids.

Until I made a doctors appointment, of course.  I never outgrew the miraculous healing that happens when kids go visit the doctor.

Which was actually fine with me, because I had actually wanted to go get set up with a new primary care physician and discuss what may be the real issue: I can’t sleep.

Not because I’m not tired, but because right before bed I start to worry.  Worry that I’ll wake up sick.  Which in my brain I know is totally redunkulous, because worrying is probably making me sick.

After lots of thinking about the ‘why’ of this situation, I’ve come to realize that I’ve spent so much time being randomly sick (meaning I feel great all day, go to bed on time, feeling great, then Bam! I wake up the next day and cannot get out of bed), and I’ve felt like I’ve really missed out because of that.  So now, the fear of getting sick and missing out, is making me sick.

Anywho, all of that to say I went to the doctor yesterday and felt totally exposed.  Not physically, because I was actually dressed the whole time, but it certainly wasn’t easy to share what I’ve been feeling.  Especially with someone I’ve just met.

Hi. How are you?  I have a whole laundry list of illnesses and crazy ailments that make most doctors scratch their heads.  Aren’t you glad I chose you to be my doctor?  By the way, I’m totally crazy to boot.  That’s right.  It’s only 8am and I’m throwing all of this at you.  Your wife was right – you should have played hooky today….

Okay, well maybe it didn’t go like that.  But close.  At least in my mind.

In the end, we decided to try some natural remedies instead of going into a prescription right away.  Mostly because I don’t have any depression issues – I’m just a nutball.

So, he had me pick up Valerian root to help me sleep.  Let me just tell you, when we opened the bottle, Daddy and I could not place what it smelled like… but boy did it smell.  Then we realized it’s a combination of Juicy Fruit gum and stinky feet.


Have you ever seen me take meds?  That’s a whole other Oprah.

I choked the thing down, and went to bed.

Three hours later I still wasn’t asleep.  Four hours later, I woke up for no reason and could not fall back asleep.

Three hours after that, the phone rang, the dog barked and Caterpillar started crying.

Did I happen to mention how much fun spring break has been?

Even though I’m still waiting for blood work, and it’s just day one of taking the stinky feet gum, I feel like I’ve been repotted.


This new doctor actually listened (or did a darned good job pretending like he did).  He covered my overexposure with a little bit of nutrients and love.


There was no head scratching.

No eyebrow furrowing.

No checking of the watch, no nurse knocking to let him know others were waiting, and no hand on the door as I’m finishing up my last questions.

He just patted down the information and continued to work with what I gave him.

Unlike The Hippie Doctor, he’s actually using things like blood work and traditional Western medicine to his advantage.  Not using it as the only way to get things done, but using a variety of methods to get things done.  I like it!

At the end of the day, my roots were buried a little bit.  Not so exposed.  I’m on my way to standing up nice and tall, like this guy:


I feel good about the progress.  My roots aren’t hanging out, and someone is taking good care of me.


That someone, is God.  He provided my perfect family a long time ago.  He knew they’d have what I needed, and visa versa.  Now he’s provided The Half and Half (half hippie, half western medicine).

The irony is, he’s been Daddy’s doctor since he was 12.  Right there as an obvious choice for me to consider when doctor searching.  I swear sometimes God has to hit me over the head to see straight.

With that, Daddy’s back at work today (much to my anxiety’s dismay) and we are back to our two weeks of fun.

And so far, we’re thriving!