I have been volunteering in the Childrens Ministry at The Rock and although it is hard to get going in the mornings, once I am there God gives me the burst of energy I need to scurry around the classroom. It has been a while since I worked with preschoolers (besides my own). In fact, the last time I worked in the preschool ministry, I didn’t have one yet, and I didn’t enjoy it as much. Now that Monkey has turned the light on for my love for this age group, I know it can’t be shut off. I love this age.

I love their little chubby hands in the air during worship, and I love when they get the wiggles out and really pay attention to the lesson. I love how at this age, they get it. I feel like when I work in younger classrooms, the love is felt, but I feel once I hit the preschool room, they get it… and the switch is flipped.

I am not saying it’s perfect. Life never is. Our church has been blessed with a lot of growth, therefore there are days when the lesson is provided more through action then actual teaching. There are days when I look at the clock and realize I have spent most of the morning taking shoes off and making potty trips. But, on those mornings, in my hustle, I feel the Lord moving. And I know the kids feel it too.

But, what scares me is going back. With Mouse on the way, I have realized a whole different scurrying will be taken place in my house. I will need energy like I have never pulled out of myself before. The lazy days of Monkey and I cuddling on the couch watching Veggie Tales over and over are gone. There is a new life on it’s way and this new life will need things all of the time. I look back when Monkey was born, and I remember while I enjoyed our moments together, I couldn’t wait for her to get older so she could make me laugh. I was working outside of the home at the time, and honestly if I didn’t have the family help we had I don’t know how well I would have coped. Well, this time we don’t need it since I am home. Pretty scary that I will be running the show.

Speaking of Mouse, we had our 12 week tri-screen test. The ultrasound took about an hour and we got to see Mouses future karate moves and even got a video clip of a flip. It was as though as soon as the ultrasound tech turned on the spot light, Mouse felt the need to give us a show. GREAT. More drama.

Mouse…doing karate.

And as if that wasn’t Chillemi enough, when the tech wanted Mouse to move, Mouse refused. The stubbornness begins.

Even though I tease, and worry about how this will play out, I know God will turn on the light when Mouse arrives. Travis and I will scurry around and everything will be taken care of. Monkey will be a great big sister and is already excited about the “baby in mommys belly”. In fact, I think Monkey likes seeing the baby on screen more than we do. She squeals and laughs every time Mouse moves.

Perhaps that is why God has me with the preschool ministry right now. He is reminding me of the innocent heart that a little one brings, and the light that shines when the Lord floods in. The fire that is created and the energy the Lord provides. He is powerful, and in his spot light, I can do anything.