The Girl has always been a kiddo going on a wise elder. Her wisdom has always exceeded her years, but the last few months have been on fast forward.

She’s reaching that state of maturity where she is really starting to not only step into who she wants to be as a human, but she’s also really started to surround herself with people who lift her up and encourage her. She’s learning to love herself enough to be alone vs. with someone that makes her feel ‘less than’.

Let’s be real: Most adults don’t even get to that point, let alone 16 year olds. I’m super impressed and proud of her. She really does do some hard things sometimes to stay true to her own compass and path.

Anywho – her cover of this song really is timely … and speaking of maturing – I’ve been given permission to share it! This is HUGE, as the perfectionist in her has previously held her back from sharing her gifts with the world.

Without further ado, please enjoy The Girl’s cover of When We Were Young by Adele.