I feel like all I do any more is post about how crazy things are… but seriously – it must be a summertime/back to school thing.

With it being photo season, and with me launching Tickles and Burps, I am not sure I’ve had time to breathe.

I must have had time to eat, however, because I’ve gained 2lbs.  So, today is the start of my day fast.  I gotta clean all of the gunk out (again!) so I have the energy I need to make it through this season.

I’m not doing the 10 day, nothing but smoothie fast.  I might at some point, but not right now.  I’m just planning to do smoothies + dinner.  We have radically changed our eating habits for the most part, so when I meal plan I shoot for:

Monday: Meatless

Tuesday: Fish

Wednesday: Chicken (often in the Crock Pot because it’s swim night)

Thursday: Red Meat

Friday: Chicken

Sat/Sun: Daddy cooks

The weekends are a killer sometimes because we are still learning how to stay on track, day in and day out. It’s easy to go back into our old routine, because we have a lot of quick meals and good ol’ standbys.

Both The Girl and The Boy are back in school now, and they are both absolutely loving it. It’s so strange, but The Girl was completely back to her old self after the first week. I’d honestly thought that silly-heart had fallen prey to getting older, but it turns out she really was just more upset about the school stuff than we realized. Once she quickly realized this year truly was a fresh start, boom! The Girl returned. It’s been so fun to have her back. She just seems so much more relaxed and comfortable in her own skin. I love it.

The Boy has also taken on a whole new independence and confidence. He grew up so much over the summer, and returning to a school that he knows and loves has been good. I think he and Monkey need that time apart because they are so much kinder to each other now. Maybe it’s the time apart, or maybe it’s just because they are both happy. I’m not sure what did the trick, but I’m so thankful and just feel so much more at peace about all things in our lives. Namaste. Ha! Just kidding, but I do love myself some yoga.

Anywho – The Boy just told me he’s done washing is hair, which is my queue to grab a towel. I’d like to say I’ll be back soon, but with this crazy season … who knows!

I love you all more than my luggage.