As you all know, I have become quite the penny-pincher. I’m not saying I’ll be next up on TLC’s extreme couponer, but I’ll admit I have left cashiers in amazement before.

When m&m’s went on sale after Christmas, I combined my coupons and got some great deals. I separated out the red and green and froze them.

We thawed them last night, Daddy made this adorable printable and voila! Easy peasy, super cheap Valentine’s for Monkey’s and Caterpillar’s classes.


I think I paid about $.50 per large bag of candies, and we needed 6 bags for 40 kids. We used snack sized ziplocks, and stapled the printable to the bag. I’d guess about $6 max for everything.

Hope you can put these to good use someday, or perhaps they will inspire you for another project. Either way, enjoy!