A little over a month ago, we were praying for moisture for Colorado.  When the winters are dry, as they have been, the summers are brutal with regard to forrest fires and the like.  Well, watch what you wish for…


After about three days of non-stop snow, we all got a little stir crazy.  And then we got ink’d:



Okay, obviously not ink’d but stickered.  What on Earth would I do with a lady bug, on a flower, on my hand?!

Monkey and I made the best of things and sat around and entertained each other, made soup and ate.  And ate.  And ate.  And then Daddy made these:


So, then we ate some more.

Not everyone was thrilled with the life Monkey and I had chosen for ourselves.


But, you can’t win ’em all, right?

Oh, and after all of that eating, we did a whole lot of this:


After all that was through, the snow melted and spring… well, sprung!

We took advantage of the warmer weather and headed into our beautiful mountains for a day trip.  We ended up at Manitou campgrounds, just off of highway 24.  It was the perfect setting for some fishing, and who can resist a kid as cute as mine in a fishing hat?


Certainly not this fish:


And that kid I mentioned, well, she couldn’t resist the campfire food:



After our bellies were full, we packed up the car and headed home feeling very tired and very blessed.  I love Colorado!