When I was young, my mom had bought us book/tape sets that gave little life messages to silly tunes.  One had the beavers talking about how you can be an achiever if you work like a beaver.

We have been so blessed by our friends lately, and have gotten the opportunity to spend a lot of time with them.  We have been hosting a lot of get togethers, and as a result, Brooklyn came down with a cough and I ended up with a sore throat.  What it really boiled down to is, we were tired!

During our down time, our once ‘clean enough for neighbors to drop by’ house fell quickly to the ‘close all the blinds and pretend like we aren’t home’ stage.  This morning, I was woke up, cleared the goop out of my throat and got to work.

I couldn’t help but think of how many times I heard my mom say ‘time to blow the stink off’ as she opened the windows.  So, I did the same.  I blew the stink off.  I pulled out our matching dusters, and together, Monkey and I got things back into shape.

I had forgotten how much fun it can be to work together.  She is a GREAT helper and really has fun doing it.  I had forgotten how much her little hands can actually do, when I let her.  It was a great reminder that even though she’s little, she is a great part of this team and I need her and her contributions.

And, even though this morning I would have never guessed I could get it all done, it turns out if you work like a beaver, you can be an achiever.