Last year for Monga’s birthday, I gave her a calendar of Monkey.  Each month, I selected one date for Monga and Monkey to spend together.  Last month we did the stock show.  This month we saw Playhouse Disney Live! We were really there to see Handy Manny.  For those of you who don’t speak preschooler, he’s a bi-lingual repair man.  He has talking tools, and his motto is ‘You break it, We fix it!’

Even though these days are set aside for Monga and Monkey, we tagged along as part of Monkey’s birthday gift from us.  Papa joined us, although it quickly became obvious why Monkey and Papa were there:


But, before you go feeling sorry for Monga (after all, we are all crashing her date) keep in mind she had other things on her mind as well:


And that was just fine with me… it was almost like a date, since the kids were occupied.  Until I did this:


That pretty much killed all the romance that was in the air.

So, I went back to what I do best.  Cootching with my kids.


Because if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!